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Respect works out –  Szacunek -to dzia?a –  Mit Respekt geht’s Besser!  

is a tri-national European partnership project implemented in the UK, Poland and Germany with the aim of strengthening the right of the child to a non-violent upbringing.

Our focus lies on the preventionof all forms of physical punishment in the home through supporting parents' positive parenting skills and the promotion of law reform- there are countries in Europe, including the UK and Poland, in which physical punishment is not yet legally banned. 

Our vision is a Europe in which children are fully protected against violence by the law and by a public that condemns violence outright. Read more

Why Reinvent the Wheel?!  Sharing Experience throughout Europe

This website seeks to share our project experience and to serve as a platform for the exchange with and amongst different organisations, initiatives and interested people working towards similar goals. This way we would like to contribute to the building of new synergies and to foster cooperation across Europe.

Please feel free to introduce and add your own project or initiative to the website's commented link list by using our interactive tools.

Children's Safety Map of Europe

Children's Safety Map of Europe