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"Good Parent - Good Start" - Media Campaign Poland 2009

The campaign includes the following poster with the slogan:

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night.
Sometimes I cry and you have to check if everything is ok with me.
Sometimes you can feel so helpless…
Maybe even you are angry at me for a moment, but…
Please, be careful with me…

Sometimes I disturb you when you have to work.
Normally you are patient because you understand that I don`t know when it is time for playing.
But sometimes you are upset and then…
Please, be careful with me…

Young children are delicate and fragile and it`s very easy to hurt them.

"Good Parent - Good Start" is a preventive programme carried out by the Nobody's Children Foundation from Poland. It is the first Polish programme aimed at preventing the abuse of the youngest children. For more information please visit


"Hitting children must stop. Full Stop" Campaign, UK 2002

NSPCC has been implementing a large-scale national project "Full stop" for several years. It is aimed at preventing different forms of child abuse. The campaign's main goals include persuading the society that corporal punishment is a poor childrearing method, educating parents about positive parenting and lobbying for a legal protection of children.

This billboard poster was part of the national campaign. They use illustration styles found in childrens books to present real situations of parents physically punishing their children. Download the leaflet here.

© NSPCC, London, designed by Saatchi & Saatchi

"Childhood without Violence" Campaign, Poland 2001

The campaign included this poster with the slogan "I am learning the life from you":

Respect me so I could respect others
Forgive me so I could forgive others
Listen to me so I could listen to others
Do not beat me so I wouldn't beat others
Do not humiliate me so I wouldn't humiliate others
Talk to me so I could talk to others
Do not laugh at me
Do not offend me
Do not ignore me
Love me so I could love
I am learning about life from you



The main objective of the nationwide public campaign "Childhood without Violence" was to increase social involvement into actions towards fighting child abuse. Campaign activities included the promotion of positive solutions to prevent, protect and intervene in cases of child abuse and encouraging local communities and institutions into undertaking suitable action. The campaign was also aimed at improving the system of family assistance and at developing parental skills and attitudes.

The campaign was implemented by the Nobody’s Children Foundation, the State Agency for the Prevention of Alcohol-Related Problems and the Polish Nationwide Emergency Service for Victims of Domestic Violence "Blue Line".
In 2006 it was adopted by six Eastern European countries, translatingm, using and complementing the Polish campaign material.

"Thousands of Polish Children are Victims of Violence"

The poster with its message has been displayed on central spots in the main cities of the countries that participated in the campaign.


Part of the 'Help at Hand Toolkit' - a toolkit to change attitudes and behaviour around the physical punishment of children.
(c) 'Sdim Curo Plant/ Children are unbeatable! Children in Wales, February 2008.
Download this and further cartoons here