Journalist Briefing

Children's Rights

July 2007
The NSPCC campaigned over a number of years for Children's Commissioners across the UK to act as powerful, independent watchdogs and champions, ensuring children are protected from harm and defending their rights and interests. Read more

Physical Abuse

May 2007
The NSPCC is calling on the Government to give children the same legal protection from assault as adults already enjoy - no more, no less. Children are currently denied this. The law on hitting children was recently amended with the Children Act. However, the new law continues to give parents a legal defence of 'reasonable punishment' for some minor forms of common assault of their children. This means that the law still accepts that parents can hit their children. Read more

Parenting and Family Support

September 2006

The NSPCC's parenting and family support projects focus on early intervention with families and can help parents avoid losing it by giving them someone to turn to in times of difficulty and by offering alternative ways to manage their child's behaviour. Read more

Children's Bill

November 2004
Reforms on hitting are muddled and unjust, warns NSPCC. The NSPCC has today critisised proposed amendment to the Children's Bill for failing to protect children from physical punishment. Read more


Children's Safety Map of Europe

Children's Safety Map of Europe