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Smacking should be banned

UK:  The Independent, 7 October 2008
Britain's children enjoy less physical protection under the law than prisoners. No one has the right to subject a jail inmate to assault. Yet parents are allowed to assault their offspring with impunity – by smacking them. This is a disgraceful anomaly, and tomorrow the House of Commons has an opportunity to rectify it. Read more

Smacking the smack

PL:  Polityka, 5 June 2008 by Krzyszof Burnetko
The unclear and ambiguous statements from the Polish government on their commitment to introducing a legal ban on corporal punishment of children have unleashed a real storm. One misunderstanding is followed by the next one.
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is smacking also violence? what are the limits of castigation

PL:  Gazeta Wyborcza, 31 May 2008 by Ewa Siedlecka
There will be a legal ban on administering corporal punishment of children. – In Poland there is a long tradition of beating children. We want to change it – the prime minister said yesterday.
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Beating changes live

PL:  Newsweek, 24 February 2008 by Tomasz Jastrun
Why do so many people experience pleasure when they humiliate others, even if these are their own children? Because they used to be humiliated in their childhood. It is a curse of whole generations, existent and maintained in families throughout centuries. In our country (Poland) also alcoholism is passed on from one generation to the other.
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Children's Safety Map of Europe

Children's Safety Map of Europe