Press Releases

Record number of UK adults say smacking is cruel

07 October 2008
Public opposition to smacking children is at an all time high according to new figures released by the NSPCC.The findings come on the day MPs prepare to vote on an amendment to the Children and Young Person's Bill which could finally ban smacking in England and Wales. A total ban would bring England and Wales in line with 18 European countries such as Germany and most recently Spain. Read more

NSPCC's Position on Physical Punishment: the case for equal protection

11 July 2008
Section 58 of the Children Act 2004 provides parents charged with common assault against children with a legal defence of 'reasonable punishment'. The NSPCC is campaigning for the removal of the reasonable punishment defence to give children the same protection under the law on assault as is currently available for adults. Read more

Open letter of Polish NGOs in relation to the statement of the Ombudsman on beating children

June 2008
A protest signed by 28 non government organizations
Deeply disturbed by the statements of the Ombudsman on acceptability of beating children, we would like to convey to the public opinion a protest of non-government organizations committed to helping children and protecting their rights against treating children as citizens of inferior category. Read the open letter

NSPCC launched a new public education initiative

22 February 2005
The initiative is called "Hit means lost it". It aimed to support parents of babies and toddlers to keep in control when the stresses of parenting become too much, so they do not lash out and hit their children. Read more

Children's Safety Map of Europe

Children's Safety Map of Europe