Respect Works Out!

For many children in Europe, physical punishment is still a reality. This must stop!

Set on this goal, the German organisation Association for a New Education (ANE), the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) in the UK and the Nobody–Children Foundation (FDN) in Poland are together working in the project "Respect Works Out!" (April 2007 – April 2009).

We consider non-violence as the basis for a child-friendly, democratic Europe. Non-violence, we define as the absence of all forms of physical punishment against children, including a light smack.

In Germany, the introduction of a new law on the right of the child to a non-violent upbringing in 2000 in connection with a broad awareness raising campaign has lead to a significant decline in physical punishment against children.

The project builds on this positive experience in order to advance the EU-wide implementation of a legal ban and to promote non-violent parenting across Europe.


We see the family as a team that takes diverging interests seriously and negotiates solutions that are suitable for all team members. There is no place for physical punishment of any kind here. Highlighting the benefits of non-violent parenting is a central aim of a letter for parents developed by the German project partner.  It helps parents to understand children – behaviour better and provides useful advice on how to avoid situations getting out of control.


The project partners FDN and NSPCC have translated and adapted this positive parenting booklet to the country-specific context for parents in Poland and the UK. Around 50 000 copies have been disseminated to parents in Poland, the UK and in Germany. We evaluated parents' responses in each country and made a transnational comparison of the results. See Parents' Feedback

The adaption process itself provided us with new and interesting insights into the cultural differences of each of the three partner countries, starting with the format chosen through to the means of disseminating the booklet. See Dissemination


The project seeks to root the right of the child to a non-violent upbringing firmly in public discourse, in law and policy measures and in parental practice.  Depending on the state of the debate and the legal and political progress made in each of the project countries, Respect Works Out! is organising a number of national events targeted at parents, policy makers, experts, media representatives and the general public. In the UK and Poland, a lot of effort is focusing on the introduction of a legal ban on corporal punishment. In Germany, the project is supporting the call for children – rights to be explicitly enshrined in the German Constitution to strengthen child protection amongst other things.

For the different national activities, we are benefitting from the exchange of experience between the three project partners that the project facilitates.

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Joining Forces- working together across national boundaries

Only in partnership, by joining forces, exchanging and pooling skills and know-how, can our vision of a Europe free from smacking, hitting, spanking and of all other forms of violence against children, become a reality.

This website is seeking to make a contribution to building and strengthening informal and formal European networks.  Programmes, projects, organisations and initiatives have the opportunity to represent themselves in our European link list What works and to find others they might want to get in contact or involved with.

The Project is funded by the European Commission's Daphne II Programme.

Children's Safety Map of Europe

Children's Safety Map of Europe