The Booklet's Origin

The original version of the booklet on non-violent child-raising was produced by the German project partner Association for a New Education (ANE) in 2001. It was developed as an additional, special-focus letter to the organisation’s long established series of letters for parents (below) and straight away employed in the German Government’s broad awareness raising campaign that accompanied the legal ban on corporal punishment of children.  Ever since, there has been a continuing demand and positive feedback from parents and professionals in Germany for the booklet. This has been our impetus for its adaptation in Poland and the UK within the framework of this trans-national European Project "Respect Works Out!".

The Letters-for-Parents

Why does my baby cry all night? How can I teach my small child not to touch everything? Or how do I get my pre-school child to tidy up in time?

Since 1975, the Association for a New Education (ANE) publishes a series of short brochures, referred to as letters for parents, that provide parents with positive parenting support.  They are regularly being revised and incorporate the latest finding in pedagogy and psychology as well as the experiences of lots of parents.

Parents receive this series of 46 letters by post from the day the child is born until it reaches eight years. Each letter is delivered to their home “just in time”, corresponding to the child’s age and development stage and to the questions parents have exactly at this point in time. That way a small problem can stay small and does not need to grow into a huge conflict. Several surveys have shown that the letters make parents feel less burdened and empowered in their parenting skills.

The parent letters are funded by the German Ministry for Family Affairs as well as by a number of regional authorities. For the Turkish community in Germany, ANE has produced a series of bilingual letters that deals with particular questions arising from growing up within two cultures.