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Social attitudes towards corporal Punishment of children among Polish citizens (2008)

A study commissioned by the Polish "Children Under Protection Agreement" and carried out by the Millward Brown SMG/KRC Institute, PL. 4 pages

The study shows that the majority of respondents have a decisively negative view of changes in parents and caretakers’ attitudes and behaviours towards children in the past 10 years.
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Make Me a Criminal: Preventing Youth Crime (2008)

Margo, Julia and Alex Stevens (2008). London: Institut for Public Policy Research. 94 pages

The United Kingdom is experiencing higher and more sustained levels of youth crime and anti-social behaviour than culturally similar countries. The country also experiences more fear of crime and concern about youth misbehaviour than citizens elsewhere. In the paper 'Make Me a Criminal' the Institute for Public Policy Research however argues that a more therapeutic and family based approach to youth offending might be more effective.
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You Feel Like You're Nothing (2008)

A contribution to the UN Violence Study from the Children's Rights Alliance for England and the NSPCC
London: Children’s Rights Alliance for England and the NSPCC (2008). 108 pages

The study has been prepared in parallel with the UN study and, like it, looks at the different settings in which violence to children occurs. It considers three elements: What children experience, What children say and What needs to be done. What children experience provides a literature review based overview of the different forms of violence that children suffer in particular settings. What children say draws from existing publications, which give children’s views and voices, and also includes original material gathered for the specific purposes of this report. What needs to be done sets out some of the recommendations of the NSPCC and CRAE on how to prevent or stop the different forms of violence that English children experience.
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Parenting in contemporary Europe: a positive Approach (2007)

Daly, Mary (ed.) (2007). Strasbourg:Council of Europe. 175 pages

The publication is an important element of the Council of Europe's recent work in the field of positive parenting. The authors review and analyse the major changes affecting parenting in Europe, arising from legal situations, research and practice. This work addresses the core issues related to positive parenting and non-violent upbringing, with particular emphasis on parents' entitlement to support from the state in carrying out their parental tasks.
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The Problem of Child Abuse (2007)

Attitudes and Experiences in Seven Countries of Central and Eastern Europe - A Comparative Report
Sajkowska, Monika (2007).Warsaw: Nobody’s Children Foundation. 52 pages

The main objective of two sets of the research was to assess public attitudes and those held by professionals working with children, toward the problem of child abuse, as well as professionals' experience in undertaking interventions in such cases and their evaluation of the effectiveness of the child protection system in their countries.
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Evaluating the Subtle Impact of a Ban on Corporal Punishment of Children in Germany (2004)

Bussmann, Kai-D.(2004). Child Abuse Review Vol. 13, Issue 5. 20 pages

In 2000, the German Government passed a law prohibiting physical punishment in the family. A pre-post research design allows for an examination of its effects.
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Equal Protection for children (2002)

An Overview of the experience of countries that accord children full legal protection from physical punishment

Boyson, R. and L. Thorpe (2002). London: NSPCC. 96 pages

An overview of the experience of eleven countries that accord children full legal protection from physical punishment, including Croatia, Germany, Israel, Norway and Sweden.
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