States with full prohibition of violence against children in the home

Prohibition by Supreme Court Ruling

States committed to full prohibition

Prohibition incomplete and no commitment to reform

Children are not yet safe in all European countries. The map illustrates, which countries secure children equal protection by the law against physical punishment in the home (green for “go ahead”) and which countries have still yet to follow suit (red for “stay away”). The countries that are marked in orange have shown commitment to and are allegedly in the process of making physical punishment illegal.

Listen to "Children taking the safe route through Europe" (1.2MB, 1:16)

Children could travel, mainly by land, from one end of the European continent to the other without ever losing their legal protection from physical punishment. They could start out in Iceland, pop across to Norway, pass through Finland into Sweden, across the bridge into Denmark, going via Germany for a short bike ride to the Netherlands. Then back to Germany, travel down to Austria, take a look at Croatia, crossing Austria again to go to Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, on to Bulgaria and Greece.  Now the ferry rides begin, first to Cyprus then a long ride to Spain, and from here by train to the final destination, Portugal. One country that the children will have missed out is Latvia, which they could only reach by plane safely due to the lack of protection in Latvia's neighbouring countries. 

Children are waiting impatiently for the time when they will safely be able to visit Ireland, the UK, Belgium, France, eat chocolate in Switzerland, spaghetti in Italy, go to Slovenia and the many more countries that have not yet secured them equal protection from physical punishment as adults.

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